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Posted on March 29, 2016 in InteractiveUncategorizedVirtual & Augmented Reality

After sitting in on an enlightening discussion hosted by AD2ATX last month, Geomedia is confident in their decision to expand into the Austin market and sees great opportunities for their interactive department.

The event, which was sponsored by GSD&M, consisted of four prominent innovators with notable insights into the future of tech in Austin. The panelists included Kevin Callahan, COO of Maggie Louise Confections, Brian Dainton, SVP Engineering for Spredfast, Mike Westgate, VP Marketing for RealMassive and Kristie Taylor, VP of Technology for Edelman. Each panelist, and Geomedia, collectively agreed that the use of VR and AR would increase significantly in the near future.

AD2ATX Panelist's Seats, 2016
AD2ATX Panelist’s Seats, 2016

“We’re going to get to a world where VR will become relevant,” Brian Dainton, SVP Engineering for Spredfast said. “We’re finally at a point where we’ve tricked our brains into thinking it’s real.”

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Even with all the advances in technology and vast improvements, VR and AR still seem to have a less than established presence, at least on the consumer level. The key to turning this around is the elimination of the “dork factor”. Right now, people don’t want to be that person with the huge headsets on their face stumbling aimlessly around a space.

Despite the stigma, the positives outweigh the negatives. According to Mike Westgate, VP Marketing for RealMassive, there are big hopes and ideas for this new market.

“I can’t imagine a world in five to 10 years where this [VR] isn’t a primary means of entertainment and communication,” said Forest Key, chief executive of Pixvana in an interview for the New York Times.


At Geomedia we’ve witnessed firsthand how VR and AR are changing the way people gather information by bringing learning to life. Geomedia’s DinoTrek VR Experience is just one of the many educational ventures it’s succeeded in developing.

Student using Geomedia's AR technology, DinoTrek, at the Witte Museum
Student using Geomedia’s AR technology, DinoTrek, at the Witte Museum

“It’s important that students are equipped with the right resources that provide an opportunity for them to experience knowledge, not just read out of a textbook,” Murray Breit, Partner and Director at Geomedia said.


As communication channels through technology more and more, and education becomes more about interaction, Geomedia remains assured that its company is headed in the right direction.










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