Merging the Past and the Future: DinoTrek VR Experience

Posted on July 31, 2015 in Bringing Learning to Life

Dinosaurs Have Overrun the App Store

If you can’t already tell, we love virtual reality, and we’re incredibly excited about where the technology is going in the future. Unfortunately, despite the press that Oculus, Google Cardboard, Microsoft Hololens and other headsets have gotten, a lot of people still think of virtual reality as a far off pipe dream. The truth is, with Google Cardboard, you can experience a totally immersive virtual reality experience right now on your mobile device. In order to share our love of VR with iPhone users, we developed DinoTrek VR Experience. DinoTrek immerses you in a prehistoric world of massive dinosaurs rumbling, eating and fighting across the landscape. Using a cardboard headset, you can take it all in with a full 360 degree view. Even if you don’t have a cardboard headset, you can still enjoy DinoTrek in widescreen cinema mode.


DinoTrek VR Experience


Don’t Be Scared, It’s Just VR!

DinoTrek VR experience is two minutes of larger-than-life dinosaur action. Users fly with a quetzalcoatlus, experience the thunder of a herd of diabloceratops running by, outrun a tyrannosaurus rex, scamper with some parasaurolophus under a brachiosaurus, and witness a stegosaurus fend off a deinonychus attack. DinoTrek is a full-on dinosaur safari that shows off how immersive VR can be. All of the animation, direction, and story was created by Geomedia artists and programmers. The entire film was scored with full sound effects from our friends over at Keith Harter Music Studios.


DinoTrek VR Experience

DinoTrek VR Experience


Tangoing with a T-Rex

This release is just a taste of what we have planned for DinoTrek. Upcoming updates will add a spooky twilight mode and compatibility with Zeiss, Homido, Merge and other headset devices. On top of that, our development team is partnering with Google to further expand DinoTrek VR as a launch app for Project Tango!


Project Tango
The view from the Project Tango development lab.


No iPhone? No Problem.

We pushed DinoTrek VR Experience to iOS first because there’s a serious dearth of VR experiences for the iPhone, but an Android version is coming soon. If you’re an ‪Oculus‬ developer with a ‪DK2‬, you can download a Windows version. Stay tuned for more updates and please review the app in your app store of choice!
DinoTrek VR Experience

DinoTrek VR Experience

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