The Drive to Innovate.
The Experience to Execute.

It takes a certain amount of guts to attack an entirely new medium or ambitious new project with reckless abandon. Our guts are backed by serious know-how, built from experience on-set and honed in back room suites where technology and vision coalesce into the final product.

The Method

Geomedia encompasses a multitude of disciplines and capabilities, which makes our company a little hard to describe. We’re a combination between a 3D animation and visual effects studio, a film production company, a mobile app developer and a serious games design firm. But that only scratches the surface. The best way to explain what sets us apart is to tell you about our methodology.

  • The Big Picture

    The Defining Details

    It doesn’t matter if the end result will appear on a 6-inch mobile phone or a 60-foot IMAX screen. The process of crafting the experience is just as thoroughly planned and just as meticulously executed. This attention to detail is necessary to truly pull the user in to the point where they’re completely engrossed in your story. Trust our production and animation teams to tell your story in ways you never imagined.

    “Every project is different. Each is individually reviewed, broken down, budgeted, and fulfilled based on specific needs. We realize that value is more important today than ever and that clients need a trusted source they can depend on.”
    Zach Nasits
    DP / Colorist / Director
  • A Cohesive Vision

    A Multiplicity of Techniques

    Our crew is tight knit and wide open to the world of possibilities. To bring a project from the seed of an idea to boldfaced fruition requires a shared vision among all the talents involved. We’re all about clear communication and close collaboration. Geomedia goes all in on every project, for results that are all out stunning.

    “When faced with these kinds of challenges, the advantage of integrated in-house production and post cannot be overstated. Close harmony between production, animation and visual FX departments eliminates the costly ‘fix it in post’ mentality.”
    Martin Jaeger
    Principal / Art Director
  • Aesthetic Experiences

    Extraordinary Encounters

    With every new technological advance we lose another set of constraints. The physical world can be convincingly recreated in our studio, then replicated across a range of devices. Augmented reality enables the marriage between digital and physical, while virtual reality supplants the real world altogether. Now the only limitations are in your mind, while the creative possibilities are all in your head waiting to be unleashed.

    “When you allow the user to have a say in their own cinematic experience, they’re going to absorb and engage with that environment––especially when it’s been designed by artists with an eye for the realistic and stylistic touches that make a digital creation feel alive.”
    Jeremy Kenisky
    Interactive Director
  • Our House

    Our Collective Creativity

    Our house is a studio, a factory, a den of exploration. We're a production studio, visual effects house, interactive media firm, augmented and virtual reality development company and more. We call ourselves a superstudio. Deep within San Antonio and Austin, stories are weaved with ones and zeroes and the hard work and vision of our production crew. Imagined worlds are grown in a petri dish powered by human imagination and machine calculation. Ideas are sparked, and fanned into their vivid culmination. It also happens to be where we keep our killer espresso machine, the importance of which cannot be overstated.

    “Powerful creative gets us excited. From initial design to final delivery, we set ourselves apart by consistently exceeding expectations. Rely on our expertise to make the finished product look great.”
    Murray Breit
    Principal / Director

Creatives & Creators

Our team brings a wide variety of disciplines and a high degree of raw talent to the table.

Latest Projects

View some snapshots of our capabilities and accomplishments.

  • “Geomedia is able to navigate the complexities of our, at times, byzantine production process. They helped us realize our goals in ways we could not have envisioned on our own.”

    Barry Joseph
    Associate Director for Digital Learning Youth Initiatives
    American Museum of Natural History
  • “Geomedia validated that they were an extremely creative powerhouse. Our concepts were communicated to them and they ran with it successfully, producing an elegant design that assisted differentiation for the market.”

    George E Hernandez
    Design Engineer
    Lancer Corp
  • “Geomedia produces high quality experiences that are not only technically proficient but also excel in their ability to put the user experience first.”

    Barry Joseph
    Associate Director for Digital Learning Youth Initiatives
    American Museum of Natural History
  • “They use a professional production crew and have a unique way of personalizing our patient’s stories with the most beautiful cinematography.”

    Jessica Brown
    Senior Manager of Marketing Communications
    University Health System

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