• Art & Science Fiction

    In 1896, the Lumière brothers debuted a 50-second clip of a train arriving at a station. With the camera positioned in front of the steam engine as it approached, the locomotive appeared to be careening towards the audience. The crowd panicked, and rushed out of the theater.

    Immersion has always been at the heart of our craft, and now technology allows us to shape interactive cinematic experiences in ways previously only imagined in science fiction. Digital imagery and physical reality meld into cohesive augmented reality interfaces, while virtual reality headsets and 360 cameras allow us to capture and present experiences with greater realism than ever before.

  • Virtually Unstoppable

    Virtual and augmented reality development has put us in the realm of transportation, whisking audiences to new experiences and unexplored territories. More than a virtual reality company, we craft the entire experience of what the user sees and hears through their headset or tablet. These capabilities eliminate limitations on the angles we can take on your story or unique interactions we can create for your brand.

  • Oculus Rift

    We’ve been Oculus Rift developers since we first laid our eyes in these things. Whether we’re tripping the rift or unpacking the possibilities of Google Cardboard, we’re constantly exploring new media and devices that will better deliver the experience that keeps your users intrigued and engaged.

  • Augmented Reality

    Augmented reality development enhances or supplements physical reality rather than replacing it. Using smartphones and tablets, our augmented reality apps allow users to dig deeper into subject matter at zoos, museums, or historical sites, in order to get more out of that first hand experience.

Join the HIVE

Geomedia has combined decades of putting together fantastic sets with the latest in digital technology to create a first of its kind portable virtual reality experience - HIVE. HIVE allows organizations of any size to leverage the power of virtual reality in a self-contained unit. HIVE units allow up to nine viewers to immersive themselves in a virtual world imagined by you and created by Geomedia.

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DinoTrek into the Past

Step into the world of the dinosaurs with Geomedia's first virtual reality application designed for Google Cardboard iOS. DinoTrek VR takes full advantage of the 360 degree immersion made possible by Google Cardboard. Users are transported to prehistory, where dinosaurs roam the landscape, flying, eating and fighting. DinoTrek VR is one of the first Cardboard experiences developed for the iPhone and one of the easiest ways to experience Geomedia's virtual reality expertise.

DinoTrek VR on the App Store
DinoTrek VR on the Google Play

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  • “Geomedia is able to navigate the complexities of our, at times, byzantine production process. They helped us realize our goals in ways we could not have envisioned on our own.”

    Barry Joseph
    Associate Director for Digital Learning Youth Initiatives
    American Museum of Natural History
  • “Geomedia validated that they were an extremely creative powerhouse. Our concepts were communicated to them and they ran with it successfully, producing an elegant design that assisted differentiation for the market.”

    George E Hernandez
    Design Engineer
    Lancer Corp
  • “Geomedia produces high quality experiences that are not only technically proficient but also excel in their ability to put the user experience first.”

    Barry Joseph
    Associate Director for Digital Learning Youth Initiatives
    American Museum of Natural History
Virtual & Augmented Reality

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