• Pre-Production

    Planning Makes Perfect

    For a film or video production to run smoothly, we need to plan effectively. Pre-production is the foundation for any successful project. On-set scrambling and cutting room calamities tend to be the result of improper orchestration, which is why full service video production begins with words on a page, storyboard sketches, and detailed shooting schedules way before the makeup, lights, camera, and action.

  • Production

    Making a Scene

    This is where dozens of disciplines have to work together seamlessly, simultaneously. The heart of a great multimedia production company is a collaborative, cohesive, well-oiled team that has worked together on more shoots than they can remember. The results speak for themselves, and we have hard drives upon hard drives of results.

    Our film production skills also meld with our interactive capabilities, like when we shoot with a 360 camera array to create an immersive experience which enables users to pan and tilt their point of view using a virtual reality headset.

  • Post Production

    The Vision Takes Shape

    Every shot, every pixel from HD to IMAX gets the maximum attention to detail. Our editors and colorists bring the footage to life, extending and enhancing the vision of the producer, director and cinematographer while the visual effects team makes the unbelievable hyperreal.

  • Industrial Strength

    Gear, Guts, Glory

    As film and video production technology continues to advance, we’re there like kids at Christmas ready to unwrap the next piece of revolutionary gear or tech-enabled technique. Our 2-ton grip truck is packed to the brim with the latest toys of the trade. Our studios contain enough processing power and server space to give the average supercomputer an inferiority complex. We have the skills and the tools to take any production project to its fullest potential.

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  • “They use a professional production crew and have a unique way of personalizing our patient’s stories with the most beautiful cinematography.”

    Jessica Brown
    Senior Manager of Marketing Communications
    University Health System
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