• Specialist Effects

    Cause and FX

    Our visual effects team is like a well-trained hit squad – Their best work goes unnoticed. The audience doesn’t even realize they’re looking at a computer-generated shot. VFX are a part of most film and video projects today, whether a scene calls for extensive green screen and motion tracking or just minor touch ups. The greatest visual effects companies are able to add subtle nuance to a scene, or draw up previously unimagined worlds from scratch without breaking the viewer’s suspension of disbelief.

    To us, this visual insanity is just one part of the big picture and why we recommend early involvement in the production process, to advise on how to achieve the desired results and save you and your budget from having to “fix it in post” later.

  • Art In Motion

    Drawing the Storylines

    Our animation studio is powered by pioneering artistry, enabled by today’s technology. We have the hardware to render photoreal IMAX quality 3D animations that will render an audience speechless. Sometimes photorealism isn’t the goal, and our artists turn out 2D and 3D characters and animations that add unexpected charm and personality into your project.

    Our extensive modeling and animation capabilities are employed not only in post-production for TV and film, but the development of interactive games, virtual reality simulations, and immersive 3D environments.

  • A Reputation for Animation

    Illustrating a Point

    Advanced 3D computer animation allows us to visualize what cannot or has not been captured on camera. We can explore the furthest reaches of outer space or ocean depths, the flora and fauna of the Mesozoic Era, the inner workings of the human body, the ins and outs of an oil pipeline or the complex mechanisms of a robotic surgical instrument. Our ability to translate intricate detail into 3D models as well as texture, light and choreograph their motion is renown.

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  • “Geomedia is able to navigate the complexities of our, at times, byzantine production process. They helped us realize our goals in ways we could not have envisioned on our own.”

    Barry Joseph
    Associate Director for Digital Learning Youth Initiatives
    American Museum of Natural History
  • “Geomedia validated that they were an extremely creative powerhouse. Our concepts were communicated to them and they ran with it successfully, producing an elegant design that assisted differentiation for the market.”

    George E Hernandez
    Design Engineer
    Lancer Corp
  • “Geomedia produces high quality experiences that are not only technically proficient but also excel in their ability to put the user experience first.”

    Barry Joseph
    Associate Director for Digital Learning Youth Initiatives
    American Museum of Natural History
VFX & Animation

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