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GEOMEDIA, INC is proud to announce that one of their primary programmers, Joe Guerra, received one of the top ranking scores on their Unity Certification exam thus far in San Antonio, TX. After scoring an admirable 97%, Guerra is officially a Unity Certified Developer, or in other words, a badass game developer.

Since Guerra was young, he’s had an undying passion for game development, computer programming and advances in technology. Before joining the ranks at Geomedia, Guerra tutored in programming and 3D and did contract work in 3D.








“I discovered programming when I was in eighth grade and pretty much haven’t stopped since,” Guerra said.

According to the Unity Certification website, “future levels of the Unity Certification Program will address progressively more advanced and specialized skill sets, offering a growth path for professional development and the means to validate even higher levels of skill and experience.”

“Having the certification is a way for me to show that I truly understand how to use the software,” Guerra said.

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An advocate for education, Guerra also spends as much time as he can teaching other aspiring programmers and developers the valuable lessons he’s learned over the years. This Friday, Guerra will be leading a lecture in a game designing class at Northwest Vista College. The class, GAME 2336, teaches principles such as lighting, shading, and texture painting for 3-D models using digital painting techniques. It emphasizes lighting, shading, and texture creation of limited resolution to increase system performance for digital games and simulation training models.

Even though Guerra mainly specializes in game development and programming, he also has intricate experience with 3D software, photoshop, texturing, ZBrush and lighting. Using his knowledge in this subject area, Guerra will be teaching about lighting, shading, and texturing from a Unity (Game Engine) perspective.












When he isn’t creating substantial, quality work at Geomedia, Guerra enjoys spending his free time playing video games, juggling, watching eSports, 3D modeling and creating video games.


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