Geomedia Attends the First Ever Women of Tech Bloc Luncheon

Posted on March 1, 2016 in Ad VenturesBlogFeaturedUncategorized

In celebration of our fearless female leaders, and day one of Women’s History Month, Geomedia attended the San Antonio Tech Bloc’s first ever Women of Tech Bloc Luncheon at one of it’s corporate sponsor’s headquarters, Rackspace.

The board of panelists included Carla Sublett, CMO, Rackspace Hosting, Cristal Glangchai, Ph.D, and Founder of VentureLab, April Downing, CFO, WP Engine and Debra Innocenti, Partner, Strasburger & Price, LLP.


The event began with a strong opening made by Ivy Taylor, Mayor of San Antonio, who described the event as “purpose driven” and “changing the stereotype”.  

The message to be your true, authentic self was loud and clear. After being in the shadow of men for decades, women have a tendency to grow a tough skin, forcing them to put their femininity aside in an attempt to be taken seriously.

“You have to stand your ground. You need to know your stuff. Be vulnerable,” April Downing, CFO, WP Engine, said about being successful as a woman in tech.

Carla Sublett, CMO Rackspace Hosting, expressed that in order to connect with others on a professional level, you don’t need to act like a man to gain respect or get to the top, just be your honest self.


The Women of Tech Bloc encouraged women to nurture and lift each other up instead of tearing each other apart. Being surrounded by successful, hardworking people will help you to be the same.

“We need to develop little microcosms of women to surround ourselves with and help each other,” Debra Innocenti, Partner, Strasburger & Price, LLP.

Another important topic of the afternoon was the importance of a good mentor and being a good mentor to someone. According to Innocenti, you don’t need to have one specific mentor in your life, and the mentor(s) you end up with may not be the person you expected.


“There’s not going to be one person who’s going to satisfy all the things you’re looking for,” Innocenti said. “It needs to be a thoughtful relationship. Make an effort to talk to people of all generations.”

Being an entrepreneur or woman in business can be a challenge, especially when you’re figuring out where to start. According to Downing, the first mistake people often make is not asking whether or not what they’re trying to do is an actual business.

“Try to figure out if what you’re doing is really a business,” Downing said. “Give yourself honest criticism.”

Though many vital topics were discussed during the afternoon, the panelists collectively agreed that the most imperative factor in one’s success was following your passion and not giving up.


“We can be or do whatever we want,” Cristal Glangchai, Ph.D, and Founder of VentureLab said. “If you follow your passion success is going to follow as well.”

To see more of the event or get involved in future events with Women of Tech Bloc, visit their website at

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