Zach Nasits
Director + Director of Photography

Zach Nasits is the Director of Photography and one of the partners at Geomedia, Inc. He has over 17 years of movie-making experience as a cinematographer and colorist.

Zach dove headfirst into the movie business as an intern at a film production company. After trying on every hat he could on and off set, he discovered his passion for cinematography. From that point on, Zach looked for gigs that put him side-by-side with the best in the biz. Each completed project added something new to his bag of camera tricks, allowing him to rise through the camera department rank and file.

After joining the IATSE 600 camera guild, Zach spent about eight years working on feature films and TV shows. In between jobs, he decided to work on his directing chops by shooting projects of his own. He developed the motion picture production arm of Geomedia in 2008 and became a partner in 2012.

Time hasn’t slowed Zach down a second. An aspiring ASC cinematographer, he continues to grow with each on-set experience, whether he’s working for a client or pushing the limits of his own projects. Along with his position as cinematographer, Zach has become quite the colorist, establishing the look and feel of feature films, international commercial projects and music videos.

Zach dedicates his precious few minutes of free time to the great outdoors and to his incredibly patient family, who have to remind him every now and then to relax.

Zach can be reached at Geomedia, Inc. at 210.614.5900 or by email at