Joe Schaertl

Joe Schaertl is the designer and animator at Geomedia. His post-production experience goes as far back as the dark ages when VHS was still an industry standard.

Joe spent most of his college days behind an Avid Media Suite Pro, focusing more on the images in front of him than on the future. Then one fateful day, Joe went on a field trip to a commercial post-production house. From that moment forward, Joe saw the future roll out before him like a red carpet. He knew he belonged at a place just like that.

With high hopes and a JAZ disc full of sweet designs, Joe applied to editing internships, and landed one at a PR firm. It wasn’t the fancy editing suites with fully stocked fridges he had dreamed of, but it allowed him to hone his skills and get a firm grasp on After Effects. After faxing out as many resumes and dubbing as many VHS demo tapes as he could, Joe headed out to get that commercial post house job. Unfortunately, he would have to wait a little longer. In the meantime, he found a home at a San Antonio TV station that needed someone with After Effects experience. Joe needed to eat.

Seven years later, Joe found out that Geomedia was in need of an AE artist. The commercial post-production job was finally within his grasp. Joe’s interview went extremely well and the folks at Geomedia said they would “love, love, love” for him to work with them. Joe’s been living the dream here at Geomedia ever since.

Joe can be reached at Geomedia, Inc. at 210.614.5900 or by email at