A Closer Look: Martin Jaeger

Posted on March 21, 2016 in Team

You can’t get excited about a company when you base it solely off of the work they’ve done. In most cases, there’s a whole other world below the surface, which is true for Geomedia. Geomedia is more than just a production company that specializes in visual graphics, advertisements and the 30-second spot. Beneath the exterior is a force, driven by a group of highly talented individuals, who all work together to make great things possible.

That’s why we decided it’s about time you get up close and personal (without warranting a restraining order) to our team of creatives and directors through a series of 9 questions.

We present our first victim: MARTIN JAEGER, Art Director


  1. What was your first job?  Worked at a commercial art studio called “Contemporary Graphics”. I was a freshman in high school and worked half-days via a distributive education program offered by the school. I did illustration, dark-room work, silkscreening, print layout etc. All by hand, way before desktop computers even existed.


  1. Where’s the last place you traveled to for vacation? I went to Denver, Colorado in January to see extended family. I love Colorado!


  1. What sparked your interest in production? Geomedia was originally founded as an illustration and design firm. I had always been a fan of animation since the early Disney and Warner Brothers days. As the computer began to infiltrate the film, video and animation industries, I saw the potential to pivot Geomedia toward those services. The idea of doing motion graphics, 3D animation and CGI was such a fascinating synthesis of artistry and technology that it became the new primary direction for me and in turn, my company.


  1. Your all time favorite book is:  Critical Path by R. Buckminster Fuller


  1. Who inspires you, and why? Lot’s of people inspire me (most people really). Lately I’ve had a resurgence of interest in the astrophysicist, Carl Sagan. The eloquence with which he describes the cosmos and the true nature of our circumstances in it always humbles me. I admire him for his deep understanding of nature and his ability to convey this complex knowledge to a lay audience. I admire him for his lifelong pursuit of teaching through his books and documentaries on the subject. Again, I admire many, many people on many different levels and for many reasons…
Martin Jaeger, working on a campaign in the conference room.


  1. If you had to pack up and leave Texas to move somewhere else, where would you go? The practical answer would be Colorado. The dream-place would be Southern Germany or Austria.


  1. The strangest odd job that you ever had? Worked at a raptor rehabilitation center. Got to train Hawks, owls and eagles using falconry techniques to rehab injured raptors back to health prior to their release back into the wild. Cleaned a lot of bird cages and veterinary clinic facilities in addition to the falconry work.


  1. Name your favorite childhood memory:  My Dad once showed me how to fold this really elegant and amazing paper airplane design. On a trip to the Grand Canyon, I folded one and launched it from a scenic overlook. Instead of gliding down into the valley, it climbed above all the onlookers and eventually soared out of sight just a speck in the sky. The other vacationers clapped and cheered as it flew away.


  1. Best piece of advice you never got?  Get an education, go to college.
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