• A Double-Take on Retail

    When it comes to interactive on-site experiences, we’re untouchable. We create moments of meaningful engagement and opportunities for commerce through unique touch-enabled and augmented reality experiences. We can build the interactive software that interfaces with vending machines and other hardware to combine the convenience of digital shopping interfaces with the instant gratification of the retail experience.

  • Interactive Imagination

    From 3D training simulations to mobile app development, we can put our graphics and animation capabilities under your control on any device. As the line between digital and physical blurs, forward thinking educators, instructional designers and marketers are taking advantage of new opportunities to improve communication and connection. Explore the near infinite realm of creative possibilities we offer, including virtual and augmented reality experiences.

  • Serious Games Aren’t Playing Around

    It isn’t all for the love of the games. When the dangers are real, we create virtual spaces that bring users close to the action and as far from any risk as possible. Employee training games are the most effective method of honing skills both new and old. The gamification of employee training can increase productivity and job satisfaction in an environment that minimizes liability.

  • A Learning Experience

    Apps for education make teaching and learning more effective and engaging. Whether our software is employed in a classroom, at a museum, or corporate training facilities, the interactive element can lead to marked improvement in learning outcomes. The proof is out there: kindergarteners who use iPads to study score higher on tests, education software increases school preparedness, and 77% of educators believe that technology encourages learning.

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  • “Geomedia is able to navigate the complexities of our, at times, byzantine production process. They helped us realize our goals in ways we could not have envisioned on our own.”

    Barry Joseph
    Associate Director for Digital Learning Youth Initiatives
    American Museum of Natural History
  • “Geomedia validated that they were an extremely creative powerhouse. Our concepts were communicated to them and they ran with it successfully, producing an elegant design that assisted differentiation for the market.”

    George E Hernandez
    Design Engineer
    Lancer Corp
  • “Geomedia produces high quality experiences that are not only technically proficient but also excel in their ability to put the user experience first.”

    Barry Joseph
    Associate Director for Digital Learning Youth Initiatives
    American Museum of Natural History

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