A Closer Look: Zach Nasits

Posted on April 18, 2016 in Blog

You can’t get excited about a company when you base it solely off of the work they’ve done. In most cases, there’s a whole other world below the surface, which is true for Geomedia. Beneath the exterior is a force, driven by a group of highly talented individuals, who all work together to make great things possible.

It’s time to get a closer look again.

Subject two: ZACH NASITS, Director of Photography

Zach Nasits













1. What was your very first job? I always did work around my house with my Dad, but my first paying job was as a “bus boy” at La Nortena, a Mexican restaurant across the street from the bus station in El Paso.

2. Best advice you’ve received while working in the film industry? Try and learn something new every day and play well with others.  This is a relationship business, so whether you are watching and learning about your trade or a piece of equipment, knowing how to act on set and keep out of trouble (ie: keep your mouth shut) is important.

3. If you could meet anyone from the film industry, who would it be? If I could meet anyone in the film industry, it would be Martin Scorsese.  I would never stop learning from him.

4. Your all time favorite movie is: Tough… either ET, Star Wars, or Gladiator.

5. Who inspires you, and why? I am inspired by many people, but probably the most significant person is my Dad.  He made a great life for his children and family while working hard and starting with almost nothing.  Most importantly he knew how to enjoy life, no matter how difficult things may seem.

Zach on camera

6. If you could go back in time and steal an invention, what would it be? I would steal Thomas Edison’s light bulb.  What do you mean it’s not a candle?  He changed the world in a major way. It didn’t have to be daytime anymore to get work done.

7. The strangest odd job that you ever had? Being a PA on set has the strangest odd jobs within it.  Your success depends on completing mission after mission.  I recall getting a phone call from a Producer at 3AM with an emergency:  you need to pickup the motor home and bring it to set.  I had never driven a motor home and this one was HUGE.  As I was trying to figure out how to pull the steps in so I could drive the thing, I couldn’t help but laugh that someone actually trusted me with a motor home.

8. Name your favorite childhood memory: Playing “Cowboys and Indians” in the forest in Cloudcroft, NM with my cousin Michael and with my sister.

9. Best piece of advice you never got? Always remember all the great advice you have gotten.  – or – patience young zach, don’t get ahead of yourself and enjoy the ride.

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