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We have entered a golden age of content creation making it possible for us to reinvent the way Bible stories are told with amazing hands on 3D experiences. We’re seeing a great migration as the entire family moves from laptops and fixed devices to mobile - the content they want, when they want it, where they want it and how they want it. According to media tracking trends, this shift will be the biggest single content consumption transition we will see over the next twenty years…and at the center stands Augmented Reality.

With that knowledge, we see fantastic opportunities to attract a new generation of churchgoers. Our team is aligned to connect with this community perfectly through the use of innovative technologies. The gospel’s historical significance cannot be ignored and with our content we will offer an overwhelming feast for the eyes that will bring new families closer with the teachings of God.

Technology that opens doors to a virtual world of christian content.

Augmented Reality
Virtual Reality
Music Scores & Songs
Themed Environments

Entertainment companies understand that themed environments built for children draw families and leave positive, lasting impressions. These environments also invite kids to do what they do best, learn through play. Churches know that one of the best ways to reach out to new members is to create enchanting environments for their kids. When churches invest in their congregation with intentional, visually appealing children’s spaces, they send a clear message: They care about kids and families.

About Our Team

Dr. Aaron Thomas Tabor / Jesus Daily Facebook Page:

With 27.7 million Facebook Fans, 993 million Friends of Facebook Fans and 2.1 billion Average Facebook Engagements per month reaching 244 countries, Dr. Aaron Thomas Tabor owns and operates the most successful social media platform network in the world. Christian films, ministries, charities, faith leaders, pastors and churches consult with and enlist the services of Dr. Tabor to raise awareness and funds for their various missions.

Don Stillman / Marketing Director:

Don is a media and marketing executive with broad experience and success in the Christian sales and marketing world. He has a solid record of accomplishment in building alliances, social media marketing and project management. With demonstrated abilities in creating innovative Christian media products, services and businesses, Don also leverages and repurposes media and technology assets for the Christian community. He and his associates helped to finance and produced a range of successful global marketing sales and promotional campaigns and new revenue streams for Christian ministries, Denominations, Pastors, Churches and Faith Leaders.

GEO Media Productions:

Over the years GEO MEDIA has assembled a talented team of award winning, Animators, Augmented and Virtual Reality Technicians, Animatronic Design and Fabricators, Themed Environment Builders, Software Engineers, App Developers, Composers and Songwriters with a successful track record of producing astonishing content experiences for the entire family. We create content that entertains, educates and inspires for all mediums and platforms that are affordable and delivered on time, every time.



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