Cutting-Edge Careers

When Workforce Solutions Alamo, San Antonio’s local jobs board, was restructuring their physical space, they couldn’t afford to lose a resource that helps people find work every day. With analogue options limited, they decided to turn to a digital solution. We teamed up with Workforce Solutions Alamo and Blonde Creative to create a virtual reality job center that people could visit from any device to find all of the resources they’d normally get at an office.

Digital Architects

While our solution was state-of-the-art, we needed to approach the project like an old school construction team. We started with a floorplan for the digital building. The two story structure has a downstairs lobby encircled by a staircase that leads to the second floor. The second floor features open space, ten rooms and even a vault (where the user learns the financial benefits available to them through Workforce Solutions Alamo).

Master Craftsmen

With our floorplan all laid out, our 3D modeling team went to work constructing the building and designing the interior. We used lots of glass and modern furniture to make the building feel open and contemporary. To give everything a slightly more realistic feel, we also added a few occupants to the building, sitting at desks or chatting on phones.

The User Experience

Once the environment was fully realized, all that was left was implementing a means of accessing information. Users are able to fully navigate and explore the digital building. The building is adorned with posters and information that can be taken in at a glance, as well as floating tablets and a computer lab that the user can interact with to get more detail about programs and benefits. Users are also able to access a live chat and phone support. Essentially, it’s everything they’d receive from the physical center, without having to leave the house.

An Extra coat of Paint

We didn’t stop at just creating this digital experience for users. We also crafted the software graphical user interface and a login systems so users could register an account or explore the center as a guest. In addition to making everything pretty and user friendly, we installed a back-end database that allows Workforce Solutions Alamo to keep track of how many people are using the program and what information they’re accessing.

Take Your Own Tour

Reading is boring (sorry we didn’t build a 3D environment for learning about this case study), so you can see our work for yourself at

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