Combining Autocross with 360 Video & Data Overlays in Virtual Reality

Posted on April 8, 2016 in BlogThe Training Fields

Geomedia’s Senior Editor, Jeff Chesnut, spends many of his weekends autocrossing. (That’s driving really fast around cones in a parking lot for the uninitiated.) Weekend warriors sharing videos of their exploits is nothing new. But 360 degree virtual reality video brings things to a new level. Attaching a 360 rig to an autocross vehicle is a fantastic use for this kind of technology, and Geomedia is doing it. Chesnut, our experienced autocross driver, has a forward thinking aptitude for the future of this technology and how it can be used for educational purposes.

“Using a 360 rig for teaching is very beneficial,” Chesnut said. “If you were driving on a course and wanted to show someone where they should turn or accelerate, you can easily maneuver the view using this 360 technology.”

On a technical level, autocross is all about being able to know what’s coming. If the driver can’t see what’s about to happen they can’t do the course at their optimum speed. Ask any autocross driver for tips and the first thing they’ll advise is to always “look ahead”. Taking this information, Chesnut realized the value in combining Geomedia’s 360 rig with his autocross vehicle.



“A normal camera only shows you what’s right in front of you. You can only learn so much from watching that. You really need to be able to look ahead.” Chesnut said.

This technology not only allows the driver to see where they’re headed, but also what’s happening all around them. It takes the driver beyond the visuals and envelopes them into the experience. A standard camera doesn’t give a broad perspective like the 360 does. The 360 relives, recreates and takes the individual back into the experience. 



Geomedia saw potential in this and took it a step further by adding GPS data as graphic overlays. This makes it possible to view one’s speed, throttle and track position in real time over the course of the video. Surprisingly, there aren’t many companies doing this right now, but Geomedia is ahead of the curve.

Geomedia not only knows how to use this technology but also understands how to edit and transform the video into a seamless finished product. If you’re feeling especially bold, swing by our studios and give the video a try in virtual reality. It looks fantastic in our new Oculus Rift!

360 Camera

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