Geomedia Goes Green with Danny and San Antonio Solid Waste Management

Posted on February 10, 2015 in Ad VenturesBehind The ScenesFeatured

Geomedia’s production team joined up with San Antonio Solid Waste Management and Spurs player Danny Green to produce a spot encouraging the folks in San Antonio to recycle. In short, “Be Green, Like Danny.”

We did all of the copywriting, creative direction, props and set design. We shot the video with an all San Antonio crew in 5k.

We built an entirely green house set from scratch. With some help from our post production geniuses, everything from the books to the popcorn is an appropriately environmentally friendly green hue.

Copenhagen San Antonio even helped us out with some tasteful green furniture.

Back home in the offices we color graded and did all of the post production in-house. It was a true turn-key production!

The finished product will be played on the big screen at Spurs games, so next time you’re at the AT&T Center, keep an eye out and remember to Be Green, like Danny!

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