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Posted on August 23, 2013 in Behind The Scenes

Geomedia Shares “True Love” with Kyle Park Music Video Color Grade

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Director Paul De La Cerda has been a production partner of ours for the past couple years. Recently we were given the opportunity to share the love and color grade his latest music video for country music super star, Kyle Park.


Production took place in and around Austin, Tx. The music video consisted of a dynamic love story that plays on the possibilities between a guy and a girl who never get to be together. Their “True Love” connection is intercut with Kyle Park’s band performance held at San Marcos’ Cheatham Street Warehouse.


Images were captured on RED Epic and in 4K HD and transcoded to 1080 ProRes for offline editing editorial in Final Cut 7. We conformed the edit in Davinci Resolve back to the original digital negatives in order to retain the rich image quality native to Red Epic’s 4K Raw .r3d files.

Colorist Zach Nasits describes how this Raw conform enables intense control over the 4K imagery and truly enhances creativity with ability to give a project an artistic “look” and “feel.” With RED Epic’s latitude and dynamic range, the 4K Raw color grading process paved way to “help scenes out” that may begin with a properly exposed image, but then transitions into to extreme lighting conditions, where the scene may be overexposed by 4 or more f-stops.

“As a cinematographer, I understand that a cameraman is often tasked with challenging lighting scenarios due to budget constraints, a lack of resources, and/or unforeseen on set situations that happen all the time. Though a cinematographer may do their best job to light and expose, they often have to compromise to get the job done. Color grading 4K Raw Files can often allow a colorist the opportunity to conceal the compromise… but the better the image capture, the better the end color grade results.”

Paul did a great job directing/producing the music video, and we had a great experience working with him to bring the final look to the project.

“Geomedia along with Zach Nasits, colorist for this video, were very helpful and understanding when it came to the goals I wanted to accomplish for this music video. A very fun, relaxing, and yet professional environment that made me feel at home. With a tight deadline, Zach was able to deliver the final product with ease”. – Paul De La Cerda.

Kyle Park’s “True Love” will debut on CMT this month and we have another one of Pauls’ Kyle Park music videos in the color grading cue.

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