Chantel Gets The Band Together for Doc West Music Video

Posted on November 20, 2015 in Behind The Scenes

Doc West music video directed by Chantel Nasits

As you can probably tell by looking at all the different headings on the top of this page, we like to get creative at Geomedia. That means titles and organizational roles can get flexible whenever one of us is hit with a creative spark, which is what happened last month with Chantel Nasits, who made her directorial debut with the Doc West music video, “If She Wanted To,” that went on to win a Bronze at the ADDY Awards in the music video category.

Chantel Nasits directing
Chantel directing her crew on a night shoot.

The seeds of Chantel’s move from producer to producer/director were planted six years ago, when she met Jose Salazar (aka Doc West) while shooting a wedding. She shot some stills for the band and then, last year, produced a music video for him under the direction of one of our crew members.

Jose liked the video and approached Chantel again in September about producing another one for his new single. Unfortunately, the other director was unavailable and Jose needed a video fast. So, in stepped Chantel.

“I heard the song and had the idea for the visuals. It felt seamless going from producer to producer/director,” Chantel said. “For the first time I was tasked with helping design each scene, and being a decision maker in the edit, but I’m already bossy and I knew exactly what I wanted to do.”

Chantel Nasits directs Doc West music video
Chantel planning out the next shot with her actress and crew.

Chantel produced the video in a week, and with the help of the Geomedia “film family” was able to shoot the video on a Sunday. (Despite Zach’s protestations that the time crunch was too tough.) The final edit (including color grading) was posted five days after the shoot.

Director Chantel Nasits
Capturing the perfect light.

While it may have been a quick turnaround, you wouldn’t know it by the final product. Chantel and the rest of the crew did an amazing job putting together a first-class video for a client in need. Jose was impressed.

“This is my second video project to work with Geomedia on, and I can’t compliment them enough on the overall satisfaction I’ve had working with them! From pre-production, shooting, to post production promptness and constant communication throughout the whole project. I’m so appreciative of their complete professionalism. I plan to collaborate with them on future projects and look forward to the creativity and the continued success we may encounter!” Jose said.

Jose wasn’t the only one pleased with the production, Joseph Rene, who starred in the video, also had a lot of kind words for Chantel and the crew.

Joseph Rene
Joseph Rene

“Shooting with Chantel and her crew was seamless and fun! Her process really catered to the actor – whether through preparing us for our next scenes, guiding us as we shot, allowing us to explore her vision on camera, etc. I’ve had limited experiences with the crew prior to the shoot, but felt right at home during our time together. I’d be more than happy to work with her time and time again in the future. Professionalism speaks volumes in this industry. Chantel and Geomedia exemplified this effortlessly,” Joseph said.

Chantel wasn’t the only one taking on a new role for the shoot. Kat Franklin, our makeup artist, took the production stills in this blog, while Jeff Chestnut, Geomedia’s senior editor, came out and helped with production and did post.

We love seeing members of our crew take on and conquer new challenges. It shows the value in having such a creative, collaborative environment and makes us happy to be a part of such a great team.

You can check out Chantel’s debut and the hard work of all of our crew in the finished video below.


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