Wipes, Camera, Action – Our Latest Commercial Shoot

Posted on September 29, 2015 in Behind The Scenes

Oh Babies!

The best part about being a production company is that every day is new creative to produce along with exciting new challenges. Sometimes you’re shooting an NBA superstar and a talking trash bin, other times, you’re wrangling babies to give the good people of San Antonio the poop on recycling diapers. For a recent commercial shoot, we teamed up with our friends at San Antonio Solid Waste Management and David Parker of Parker Creative to create a gentle reminder that diapers are, not, in fact, recyclable. They are gross and belong in the garbage (aka the brown cart).

We cast quite a collection of talent for this shoot – 11 babies total. They say babies (and animals) are the most challenging actors to work with, but this shoot was pretty adorable and we had a great time. Sometimes they needed a little help hitting their mark, but director of photography Zach Nasits was able to step in and help.

zach nasits director of photography

Of course, with a long day of shooting, a little fussiness is to be expected – for both the talent and the crew. Our intern, Cameron, had to blow off a little steam on the trike.

cameron on trike

Dirty Diapers, Done Digitally

Babies are cute, but are also, unfortunately, non-verbal – which makes them ineffective spokespeople. Once we’d captured our collection of toddlers crawling, scooting and, well, toddling around, it was time to add the messaging. Our visual effects team went to work ensuring that Solid Waste Management’s message was literally spelled out on the backs of the diapers. From there, we added some soothing, baby friendly music and the ad was ready to go. We’re proud of how it turned out and hope that it makes a difference in the lives of the folks at the recycling center.

You can view the full spot below:

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