Jeremy Kenisky is awarded for achievement in Technology

Posted on February 12, 2016 in Ad Ventures

Jeremy Kenisky, 3D/Interactive director at Geomedia, Inc., has been awarded the 2016 40 Under 40 award by the San Antonio Business Journal.

Every year the San Antonio Business Journal awards forty young men and women in business that have shown an aptitude for innovation and talent in their professions.

“These dynamic leaders have shaped our community in ways that have made San Antonio a better place to live and do business,” SABJ said.

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Early on, Kenisky showed undeniable talent, going from intern to one of Geomedia’s valued directors. His contribution to the interactive department changed the face of the company and challenged it to expand to new frontiers, which is exactly what the 40 Under 40 award entails.

“The technology and work we’ve been doing here in San Antonio is important,” Kenisky said. “You used to have to go to Los Angeles or Silicon Valley for these kinds of projects. Now you can go right down the street.”

According to Kenisky, when it boils down to innovation and technology, San Antonio is growing rapidly in the right direction.

“You hear about equally formidable cities, such as Austin, who are coming up with new forms of entertainment and technology, and you can’t help but be inspired to run alongside them,” Kenisky said.

Kenisky is honored to be among the forty individuals who have created a lasting impact within the San Antonio community.

“I’m excited to meet the other thirty-nine people and celebrate the vision that they’ve brought to our city,” Kenisky said.

The San Antonio Business Journal hopes the 40 Under 40 awards will allow the business realm to catch a glimpse of the young talent in their city who, they believe, shape the future of the community.

“A community needs a constant stream of leaders coming up today to stay strong and relevant in the years to come,” SABJ said.

The winners will be recognized at an early evening reception on February 11, 2016, at the Norris Conference Center. For further information regarding the event, visit

View photos from the event.


Jeremy and his family attended the event
Jeremy and his family attended the event
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