Driving a Successful Video Campaign

Posted on January 13, 2016 in Ad Ventures

Video production and advertising are two industries that thrive on a little bit of mystery. The creative types at ad agencies disappear into their offices with nothing more than a basic idea of what a client might want, only to emerge with a fully fleshed out, revolutionary idea that knocks the client’s socks off and moves millions of dollars of units.

No matter how impossible an idea may appear on paper, the right production company can develop the idea and apply the best-fit production and post-production methods to achieve great results in the end.

That’s why, when hiring a production company, it’s a good idea to go with an experienced team, who truly cares about the creative process, and isn’t just doing it for the paycheck.

At Geomedia we don’t want to see revolutionary ideas become reality, which is why we’ve put together a sampling of sound considerations so you can move your video campaign down a road to success.


A Difficult Script

A solid, organized, inspiring script is crucial. If the script is written poorly, your commercial will reflect that. The nice thing about working with an experienced production company is that they’ve shot a lot of these things, which means they can tell you if what’s on the page is going to translate in-camera. We ask Geomedia clients to bring us into the creative process as early as possible, so that we can help as possible, and turn ideas into reality.


A Rush Job

There are times when you need to get a job done fast. Completing a project quickly but also accurately is something not all agencies are equipped to do. With clients in a pinch, we’ve put turned around some projects pretty quickly, but we’ve also been at this since the mid-90s. Ideally, you have a production company in mind when you pitch a TV or digital project and involve them as soon as possible. While you’re putting the finishing touches on your campaign and getting approval from clients, your production company can start prepping a crew, finding locations and taking care of all of the technical details that make a shoot smooth and successful.


Taking the Lowest Bidder

It can be tempting to try to save you and your clients some money by going with a low-cost production company, but the old adage that you get what you pay for is especially noticeable when it comes to video production. When you need results don’t be afraid to ask to see results. If a reel doesn’t impress you, why would you think you’d see something better for your project? When you sit down with potential production companies there are important questions you need to ask. How long have they been doing this? Where do they source their crew from? Is there a creative fit?


Geomedia has been shooting TV and digital video projects in Texas for more than two decades, and over the course of those years, we’ve worked with global and national brands like Valero Energy, Bimbo, SWBC, Dell and the San Antonio Spurs. We’re a production studio, but we’re also your creative partners. Our expert team of production specialists, directors, photographers and editors produce world-class video projects all throughout the year – while our team of animators and digital artists create impossible worlds and amazing interactive features. You can see what decades of experience looks like on our Works page.


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