360 Video Makes Your Phone the Biggest Screen in the House

Posted on January 19, 2016 in Ad Ventures

YouTube rolled out 360-degree video support earlier this year, opening up a brand new avenue for creativity for digital campaigns. No longer constrained to static video, you can now easily upload totally immersive digital experiences to one of the most widely used video platforms in the world.

A more immersive audience experience means a more captivating one. If you’ve taken the time to watch a 360-degree video on your mobile device while twirling around, phone in hand, to explore every part of the scene in front of you, you understand how revolutionary this technology can be for creators, educators and advertisers.

A video created exclusively for Facebook allows users to roam through the desert planet of Jakku in preparation for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. You can scope out the ravaged remains of dilapidated starships while enduring insults from alien scavengers all from the perspective of a pilot roaming the desert.

Star Wars 360 Video

For Shark Week, the Mythbusters released a behind-the-scenes video with more insight on sunken ships, coral reefs, and busted myths, all while swimming right next to the sharks in an interactive, panoramic video.

Mythbusters 360 Video

Thanks to efforts by the Wall Street Journal to create more immersive journalism, you can even explore the geriatric scene of Japan while learning about the country’s shifting age demographics.

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 2.06.38 PM

Companies and developers have moved this technology beyond the realm of just Youtube and Facebook, and into the world of original apps. The ever-interesting Bjork recently collaborated with director Andrew Huang to create 360-degree music video for her song, “Stonemilker,” the opener on her most recent album, Vulnicura. You can now explore this intimate song and video with an app for your mobile device and watch Bjork clone herself while singing in front of crashing waves and rocky shores. In it, you’ll see that the real magic of this piece is, though you have the capability of taking in everything that’s around you, there’s always something else happening that you won’t be able to grasp.

Bjork Stonemilker

Though this new technology is clearly still in it’s infancy, the potential for something amazing is there. There’s no telling how far we’ll go in creating a new form of interactive experience.

The creative teams at Geomedia Austin and Geomedia San Antonio are uniquely positioned to take advantage of 360 video. We’ve been in the immersive media game for years, cooking up virtual and augmented reality apps like our DinoTrek VR Experience. We’re also not bound to just animation, with a top-of-the-line production studio and award-winning crew at our disposal, we can create groundbreaking 360 experiences in the real world, digital world or a combination of both. Keep your eyes on our social channels, as we’ll be rolling out an awesome 360 video experience that we created at a recent shoot with a secret special guest. 

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